Top Decking Contractor Tips for Your Next Project


Top Decking Contractor Tips for Your Next Project

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When you're looking to enhance your outdoor living space, decking can be a fantastic way to achieve this. This is why finding a professional decking contractor is crucial for the successful execution of your project. In this in-depth blog post, we'll look at the roles of a decking contractor, why you need them, and how to choose one.

Understanding the Role of a Decking Contractor

A decking contractor is a professional who specializes in building, repairing, and replacing decks. They have the skills to work with different materials, including wood, composite, and PVC, to create decks that are not just functional but aesthetically pleasing. They offer various services such as:

  • Custom deck design
  • Deck repair
  • Deck staining and sealing
  • Deck expansion
  • Railing installation

These experts are also conversant with the latest decking trends, local building codes, and have the know-how to handle any unexpected situations that may come up during the project. It's for these reasons that hiring a decking contractor is crucial.

The Importance of Hiring a Decking Contractor

While there's a growing trend of DIY home improvement projects, constructing a deck isn't something you want to entrust to a novice. Here's why:

Quality Assurance

A professional decking contractor guarantees quality work. They're familiar with various decking materials and how to best manipulate them for the perfect finish. Their work goes beyond just the aesthetic appeal – they ensure the deck's long-term durability and safety.


Given the wealth of experience and skills they possess, deck contractors streamline the construction process, delivering quality work in the shortest time possible.


Professional decking contractors not only save you unnecessary repair costs down the line but also have connections to supplies at discounted prices, which significantly lowers the project's overall cost.

Choosing the Right Decking Contractor

Now that we understand the importance of a decking contractor let’s delve into how to select the best one for your project.

Do Your Research

Start by conducting thorough research online. Visit different decking contractor websites and social media platforms, and review their portfolios and customer reviews. Look out for any red flags such as numerous negative reviews or a lack of recent projects.

Verify Their Credentials

Ensure that the decking contractor you choose is fully certified and insured. These credentials serve as proof that the contractor has met the minimum industry standards and can be held accountable for any mishaps during the project.

Consider Their Experience

A company’s length in service can speak volumes about their expertise. Contractors who've been around for longer are more likely to deliver top-notch results due to their vast experience.

Ask for References

Any reputable decking contractor will be more than willing to offer references from past clients. Reach out to these references and ask about their overall experience and satisfaction with the contractor's work. This can provide invaluable insight into what you can expect from them.

Deck construction can greatly increase your home's value and enhance your outdoor living space. However, for this to be successfully achieved, you need the help of a highly qualified and reputable decking contractor. By understanding their role, significance, and how to choose one, you can be confident of getting a deck worth your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Decking Contractors

What Material Options Do Decking Contractors Typically Offer?

Decking contractors typically offer a range of materials to cater to different tastes and budgets. Some of the popular options include pressure-treated lumber, wood species like cedar or redwood, composite materials, and metals. Each option has its own aesthetic appeal, maintenance needs, and durability factors that your contractor can explain to help you make an informed decision.

How Long Does It Take a Decking Contractor to Build a Deck?

The timeframe for building a deck can vary depending on several factors including the complexity of the design, the size of the deck, the materials being used, and the contractor’s schedule. On average, you may anticipate 1-3 weeks from start to completion, although custom or complex projects could take longer.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Decking Contractor?

The cost to hire a decking contractor can widely vary depending on the scale of the project, the materials chosen, the complexity of the design, and labor charges in your area. It's always a good idea to get multiple quotes from different contractors to compare prices and understand the potential investment.

How Often Should I Have My Deck Inspected by a Decking Contractor?

It's generally recommended to have your deck professionally inspected at least once a year. Regular inspections by a decking contractor can help detect any potential issues early, ensuring your deck remains safe and in good condition.

Can a Decking Contractor Advise on Permits and Regulations?

Yes, experienced decking contractors are knowledgeable about local building codes, permits required for deck installations, and relevant regulations. They can assist you in navigating these requirements to ensure that your deck is built legally and safely.

What Information Should I Prepare Before Meeting with a Decking Contractor?

Prior to meeting a decking contractor, it's helpful to have a basic idea of what you want. This may include the preferred deck size, material type, your budget, and any specific design elements you have in mind. Photos or sketches can also be useful in conveying your vision.

Will Hiring a Decking Contractor Add Value to My Home?

Well constructed and maintained decks can add significant value to your home. Not only do they increase your home's overall living space, but they also provide an attractive outdoor area for relaxation and entertainment. Therefore, hiring a decking contractor to build or renovate a deck is often a worthwhile investment.

What Maintenance Will My Deck Need After It's Built by a Decking Contractor?

Deck maintenance depends largely on the material used. For wooden decks, regular cleaning, annual staining or sealing, and periodic inspections for rot or damage are standard. Composite decks require less maintenance but still benefit from regular cleaning. Your decking contractor can provide precise care instructions based on your deck materials and local climate conditions.

Decking Contractor: Pros and Cons

Pros of Hiring a Decking Contractor


A significant advantage you get when you hire a decking contractor is their professionalism. Decking contractors bring their experience and expertise to the table. They provide

  • High quality craftsmanship due to their training and experience
  • Adherence to local building regulations and safety standards
  • Professional advice about materials, designs, and deck maintenance

Time and Effort Saving

Hiring a professional decking contractor saves homeowners time, effort, and stress. Professional contractors manage

  • Decking design
  • Procurement of materials
  • Application of relevant permits
  • Construction work
  • Cleaning up after the job is done

Quality Material

Decking contractors have connections with suppliers which often means better quality materials at lower prices. This connection enables contractors to

  • Secure discount prices not accessible by the general public
  • Negotiate for higher quality materials
  • Have a wide knowledge of the best materials for different climatic conditions

Cons of Hiring a Decking Contractor


The primary downside of hiring a decking contractor is cost. Contracting professionals can be expensive due to

  • Their expertise and experience
  • High quality materials they use
  • The cost of licensing, insurance, and other business expenses


When you hire a decking contractor, you put your project's success in someone else's hands. This dependency can lead to

  • Delays if the contractor is behind schedule
  • Frustration if the contractor's vision does not align with yours
  • Additional costs if the contractor makes mistakes or oversights

Pros and Cons of DIY Decking Versus Hiring a Decking Contractor

Pros of DIY Decking

  • Cost Savings: DIY decking can save a significant amount of money as you are not paying for labor.
  • Satisfaction: Building your deck can bring a sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction.
  • Control: You have complete control over every aspect of the project, from design to the choice of materials.

Cons of DIY Decking

  • Time Intensive: DIY decking can be very time-consuming, especially if you're inexperienced.
  • Need for Tools and Skills: Building a deck requires specific tools and knowledge. Mistakes can lead to a subpar deck and/or injury.
  • Regulation Compliance: DIY builders need to ensure they're following all building codes and regulations.

Pros of Hiring a Decking Contractor

  • Time Saving: A professional decking contractor can complete the project in less time.
  • Professional Results: A decking contractor has the skills, experience, and equipment to deliver a high-quality deck.
  • Guaranteed Compliance: Professional decking contractors ensure all work complies with local regulations.

Cons of Hiring a Decking Contractor

  • Higher Costs: Hiring a professional decking contractor is usually more expensive than doing it yourself.
  • Dependence on Contractor Schedule: Depending on the contractor's schedule, the job may not start or finish precisely when you want.


Decking contractors offer a wealth of benefits that make your decking project a breeze. Their expertise contributes to ensuring that all jobs, whether big or small, are completed professionally and efficiently. If you're seeking a beautiful, sturdy deck that stands up to the test of time, hiring a knowledgeable and experienced decking contractor is the optimal choice.

Choosing the right decking contractor ensures that quality materials are used for your deck and that it’s designed to your specifications. They bring the necessary skills and experience to foresee potential challenges that may arise during the project, and work diligently to resolve them. A well-built deck not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but it also increases its value.

If you're planning on adding a deck to your home or revamping an existing one, hiring a decking contractor would save you valuable time, energy, and resources. They provide services worth investing in. The comfort and leisure that a well-built deck offers are priceless, making your decision to hire a decking contractor a sound one.

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