Creative Decking Skirt Ideas for Your Outdoor Space


Creative Decking Skirt Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

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As a fundamental component of a deck, you can't underestimate the importance of a high-quality deck skirt. While it's an essential structural element providing support and stability to your outdoor hangout spot, a superbly designed deck skirt can add a touch of aesthetic delight that enhances your deck’s outdoor appeal. Choosing the right decking skirt idea not only beautifies your deck, but it also offers additional benefits like increased storage space and protection from pests. This blog provides an in-depth exploration into some of the best decking skirt ideas you can consider for your deck.

Understanding Deck Skirts

Before we delve into the various decking skirt ideas, it's essential to understand what a deck skirt is and why it matters. Essentially, a deck skirt is a board or cladding providing a uniform appearance on the bottom part of the deck, which hides the structural beams and columns. A well-designed deck skirt adds architectural detail and creates a polished look for any deck.

Types of Deck Skirting

There are several types of deck skirts available in various materials, each offering a unique aesthetic appeal and functionalities. Let’s look at some of the popular choices:

  • Lattice Deck Skirting: Offering excellent ventilation, lattice deck skirting is quite common. It is made from either wood or plastic and provides a more traditional, country style look to your deck.
  • Solid Wood or Composite Deck Skirting: If you prefer a classic style, then solid wood or composite deck skirting is for you. It offers a seamless look, but it might require more maintenance compared to other materials.
  • Metal Deck Skirting: Metal deck skirting is a modern, durable option that withstands harsh weather conditions and requires less maintenance.

Latest Decking Skirt Ideas

Vinyl Skirting

As one of the most popular choices for homeowners, vinyl skirting offers great looks with minimal maintenance. It is resistant to rot and insects, making it a lasting option. Vinyl skirting comes in a wide range of colors and styles giving you the freedom to match it with your deck design.

Engraved Wood Skirting

For a classic, rustic appeal, consider using engraved wood skirting. It's a perfect way to incorporate nature-inspired, artistic details into your deck design. Engraved wood skirting not only enhances your outdoor space's aesthetics but also adds an element of uniqueness with its intricate designs.

Horizontal Board Skirting

Horizontal board skirting is an excellent choice for those who prefer a modern and streamlined look. The horizontal lines can create the illusion of a larger deck space and look particularly stunning with the contrast of vertical deck posts.

Built-in Storage Skirting

If you have space constraints, built-in storage skirting is a clever solution. This not only conceals the underside of your deck but also offers a hidden spot to store outdoor items, keeping your deck clear and tidy.

Deck skirting plays a key role in enhancing the overall curb appeal of your outdoor living space, while providing functional benefits like pest control and storage. With options ranging from traditional lattice skirting to modern metal options, there is a deck skirt idea to suit everyone's taste. The key is to match it with your outdoor decor and specific deck needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Decking Skirt Ideas 

Does every deck need a skirt?

Whether a deck needs a skirt or not is entirely up to the homeowner and the aesthetic they want to achieve. Some individuals prefer the natural and rustic appearance of a skirt-less deck. Other individuals prefer a deck skirt because it provides a finished, cohesive look and can hide the deck’s underlying structure.

What types of materials can be used for decking skirts?

There are a range of materials that can be used for decking skirts, each with varying levels of durability, cost, and maintenance requirements. Most commonly, they are made from the same materials as the deck itself for a uniform look, such as wood or composite boards. However, you can also use vinyl, lattice work, or even metal sheeting depending on your desired look.

Can I install a deck skirt on an existing deck?

Yes, you can install a deck skirt on an existing deck. The process may involve removing some parts of the existing deck to properly attach the skirt, but a professional or experienced DIYer can typically handle the project without much trouble. 

How much does it usually cost to install a deck skirt?

The cost to install a deck skirt largely depends on the materials used and the size of the deck. Additionally, the complexity of the design can also factor into the cost. It's best to get several estimates to understand the range of potential costs.

Can I install the deck skirt myself?

Yes, installing a deck skirt can be a DIY project, especially for those who are handy and have experience with similar home improvement tasks. However, if your deck is high off the ground or the project requires complex designs or high-end materials, you might want to consider hiring a professional.

Can I use different materials for the deck and the skirt?

While it's typical to use the same materials for a uniform look, you're not limited to this. Mixing and matching materials can add visual interest and make your deck stand out. You might choose a lattice skirt for a contemporary deck, or a contrasting wood type for a more eclectic flavor.

Can I paint or stain my deck skirt?

Yes, both paint and stain can give your deck skirt a fresh, personalized look. If you're using wood, staining can help enhance its natural beauty, while paint can offer more color options and better protection against aging and weather damage. Remember to select products intended for outdoor use for the best result.

What are some creative decking skirt ideas?

There are many creative decking skirt ideas that can set your deck apart. Some people use horizontally aligned slats for a modern look, incorporate openings for under-deck storage, or add decorative stone or brick elements. Moreover, lights can be installed along the skirt for a stylish and practical touch.

Pros & Cons of Decking Skirt Ideas

Pros of Decking Skirt Ideas

Enhanced Aesthetics

One major advantage of decking skirting ideas is they can dramatically improve the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space. Implemented correctly, they can transform a basic deck into an elegant and visually appealing part of your property. Here are some specific benefits:

  • Deck skirting can conceal structural elements, presenting a clean and uniform appearance.
  • The right skirting material can add color and texture to your deck.
  • Customized skirting designs can reflect personal style and enhance the character of your house.

Increased Home Value

Another pro of investing in a decking skirt is the potential to increase the value of your home. High-quality, well-designed deck skirting can boost curb appeal and make your home more attractive to potential buyers, especially when their benefits include:

  • Potential buyers may see the deck as an added living space, thus increasing the perceived square footage of your house.
  • A well-maintained deck with skirting can demonstrate attention to detail, a trait that many buyers appreciate.

Additional Storage

Deck skirting ideas can also add useful storage to your outdoor area. Homeowners can utilize the space beneath the deck, hidden by the skirt, to store garden tools, seasonal items, and more. Some advantages include:

  • Maximized use of space, especially in smaller properties where storage is limited.
  • Protection of your items from weather damage, animals, and theft.

Cons of Deck Skirt Ideas

Additional Costs

While deck skirting can add considerable value and appeal, it comes with additional costs. The overall expense will depend on the materials you choose and the complexity of the design. Some potential drawbacks financial wise include:

  • Higher-quality materials, like composite or custom-made panels, can significantly increase the cost.
  • Professional installation may be necessary for complex designs, adding to labor costs.


Another downside of decking skirt ideas is the need for regular maintenance. The amount and type of maintenance needed largely depend on the material. Here are some possible issues:

  • Wooden skirting, for example, will need regular sealing, staining, or painting to prevent rot and insect damage.
  • Even low-maintenance materials like vinyl or composite can get dirty and might require cleaning.

Potential Pest Problems

The enclosed space created by deck skirting can also become a habitat for pests. Rodents, insects, and other unwanted pests may find a welcoming home underneath your deck. Some related problems might be:

  • Some pests can cause damage to the structure of your deck or items stored underneath.
  • Pesticides or professional pest control services may be needed, bringing additional costs and concerns for some homeowners.

Overall, decking skirt ideas can enhance the appeal and functionality of your deck and outdoor space. However, it's important to consider potential downsides like added cost, maintenance, and pest problems before making your decision.


All in all, decking skirt ideas can truly transform your outdoor living space. Consider your personal style, budget and the general aesthetics of your home while choosing between lattices, horizontal slats, or perhaps a blend of both. Deck skirting can hide unsightly under-deck storage, offer a barrier for pets or children, or just add an aesthetic charm. The sky's the limit when it comes to implementing innovative and personalized deck skirts.

With proper investment of time and creativity, your decking skirt could very well become the highlight of your outdoor decor. There's a range of decking skirt ideas out there, whatever your needs or preferences may be. Whether you prefer a rustic wood finish, a clean white look, or even a custom artistic design, there's always a deck skirting design that will speak volumes about your style and sophistications.

Remember, the best decking skirt ideas are those that meld form with function. Not only should it aesthetically complement your deck and overall exterior design, but it should also serve your spatial needs and living habits. Designing with specific goals in mind will ensure your deck is not just beautiful, but useful and enjoyable for years to come. So go ahead, explore various decking skirt ideas and see how they can enrich your outdoor space!

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