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Maximizing Natural Light with Simonton Windows


Maximizing Natural Light with Simonton Windows

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Whether you’re doing a spot of remodeling, restoring a classic property, or constructing a new-build, finding the right windows is profoundly crucial. One of the most renowned brands in the windows manufacturing industry that you might want to consider is Simonton Windows. This brand is renowned for providing high-quality, durable, energy-efficient, and stylish windows that enhance your home's appearance while providing optimal functionality. In this blog, we will delve into everything you need to know about this industry-leading brand to help you make an informed decision for your home.

Understanding Simonton Windows

Simonton Windows is a company that has been in existence since 1946, providing industry-leading window solutions. The brand has risen to be one of the highest-regarded and reliable window brands in the United States, an esteem upheld by a robust, loyal customer base and top rankings in customer satisfaction surveys.

Impeccable Quality of Simonton Windows

They say quality sells itself, and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to Simonton Windows. The company employs state-of-the-art technology and advanced manufacturing techniques to create premium quality products that offer:

  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Rigid durability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Vivid aesthetic appeal

Energy Efficiency

Windows are significant contributors to the energy efficiency of a home, and Simonton’s products are designed in this consideration. They feature Low-E glass that reduces heat transfer, ultimately saving on energy costs and helping create a comfortable indoor ambiance.


When investing in windows, you want assurance they’ll last for as long as possible, and that’s what Simonton Windows provide. Made from high-quality vinyl, these windows are sturdy and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are also resistant to wear-and-tear, meaning they remain functional and attractive for the long-term.


Simonton offers an extensive range of window styles and custom options that cater to virtually every homeowner's unique preferences. Whether you're inclined towards a classic or contemporary look, Simonton Windows can complement your home's architectural style perfectly.

Extensive Range of Products from Simonton Windows

Diversity is vital, especially when it comes to windows. Every home is unique and requires a certain type of window. Simonton truly shines in this regard, offering;

  • Awning windows
  • Bay & Bow windows
  • Casement windows
  • Geometric windows
  • Garden windows

Simonton Windows also offers optional features and hardware, so you can make your windows genuinely one-of-a-kind and matching your taste and style.

Simonton Windows Installation

Proper installation is vital to ensure that Simonton Windows operate optimally. This is why it's recommended to engage professional window installers who are familiar with Simonton products. These experts will ensure proper fit, performance and maintenance tips to make the most from your investment.

Simonton Windows Customer Service

To top it all, Simonton offers world-class customer service, going the extra mile in providing support and guidance even after you make the purchase. Their warranty is also comprehensive and robust, giving customers the peace of mind they deserve.

Choosing the right windows for your home is a significant decision, and Simonton Windows is one brand that certainly should not go unnoticed. The top-notch quality, variety, and customer service that this brand offers have made it a top choice for many property owners all across the USA, and with good reason.

FAQs about Simonton Windows

Why choose Simonton windows for your home?

Simonton windows are a reputable window brand known for their superior quality and extended durability. They offer a wide variety of customizable styles, types, colors, and sizes. Their windows are energy-efficient, providing excellent insulation to help reduce your energy costs. Their products are also backed by impressive warranties, ensuring peace of mind with your investment.

What types of windows does Simonton offer?

Simonton provides a broad range of window types to cater to various home designs and personal preferences. They offer Single and Double Hung windows, Slider windows, Casement and Awning windows, Bay or Bow windows, Garden windows, and Geometric windows. Each type of window brings unique features and benefits to suit your specific needs and style.

Are Simonton windows energy-efficient?

Yes, Simonton windows are energy-efficient. The low-E glass used in their windows helps in regulating your home’s temperature by reducing heat transfer. They also have gas-filled insulating glass units that provide superior thermal performance, saving you on heating and cooling costs. Simonton's energy-efficient windows meet and often exceed energy star certification criteria.

What are the customization options for Simonton windows?

Simonton offers a range of customization options for their windows. You can choose from various styles, sizes, frame colors, hardware finishes, and glass options. In terms of glass, you can opt for tinted, tempered, laminated, or obscured glass. Frame colors range from traditional white or tan to contemporary brick or pine. Simonton also provides distinct grid styles and patterns for additional aesthetic variety.

Where can I buy Simonton windows?

Simonton windows are available through a network of dealers across the United States. They are not generally available for direct purchase by consumers. You can visit the Simonton website to locate a dealer near you. Some big box home improvement stores such as Home Depot also carry Simonton windows.

What is Simonton's warranty policy?

Simonton offers one of the industry's best warranty policies. Depending on the series, their windows are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which includes parts and labor, and even covers accidental glass breakage. The warranty is transferrable, adding value if you decide to sell your home. Specific warranty information can be obtained from the dealer at the time of purchase.

How do I clean and maintain Simonton windows?

Simonton windows are designed to be low-maintenance. You can clean the glass with a mixture of mild dish soap and water. For the frames, a soft cloth should be used to avoid scratching the surface. Simonton advises against using abrasive cleaners, as they can cause damage to the window components. Regular inspections for damage and timely repairs will help to extend the lifespan of your Simonton windows.

Are Simonton windows easy to install?

Simonton windows come with detailed installation guides to facilitate a smooth installation process. That said, it is often recommended to have your windows installed by a professional to ensure optimal performance and preservation of the warranty. Remember, incorrect installation can lead to various issues such as water leaks, air infiltration, and impaired function.

How do Simonton windows compare to other brands?

Simonton has consistently been recognized as a high-quality window brand, receiving numerous industry awards for their product quality and customer satisfaction. While each brand has its own strengths and weaknesses, Simonton is widely recognized for their excellent combination of durability, performance, aesthetics, customization options, and competitive pricing.

Pros and Cons of Simonton Windows

Pros of Simonton Windows

Diverse Product Line

One of the biggest advantages of Simonton Windows is their diverse product line. This brand offers different types of windows, including single-hung, double-hung, awning, casement, bay, bow, garden, slider, and geodesic dome windows. This versatility allows homeowners to select the ideal window design that perfectly fits their architectural requirements and aesthetic choices.

  • Variations in window types offer more design flexibility.
  • They have specialized windows perfect for particular architectural styles.

Energy Efficiency

Simonton Windows are known for their energy efficiency. The brand's windows come with energy-saving features like low-E glass, which reduces UV rays' penetration into the home, reducing cooling costs in the summer. Also, most Simonton windows are ENERGY STAR® certified, which means they meet or exceed energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Low-E glass can lessen energy consumption.
  • ENERGY STAR® certification guarantees energy efficiency.

Quality Construction and Durability

Simonton Windows are constructed with top-notch quality materials, enhancing their durability. The frames are made from premium vinyl, known for its durability, low maintenance, and resistance to extreme weather conditions.

  • Vinyl frames are strong and weather-resistant.
  • The frames don't require frequent maintenance.

Good Warranty

Simonton Windows also offers solid warranty protection for their products. They offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which covers parts and labor and can be transferred to the next homeowner if the property is sold.

  • Comprehensive warranties offer protection if defects or problems arise.
  • The warranty is transferable, enhancing the property's value.

Cons of Simonton Windows

Higher Prices

Despite all the benefits, one primary disadvantage of Simonton Windows is their expensive price tags. The cost can be higher than other window brands, making them less accessible for homeowners working with limited budgets.

  • The high cost might be prohibitive for some homeowners.
  • The total replacement cost can add up if multiple windows are being replaced.

Limited Availability

Simonton Windows, especially certain specialized designs, may not be readily available in all areas. This can make it difficult for homeowners in certain locations to access these windows, resulting in additional shipping costs or delays.

  • Not all window designs are available in all locations.
  • Potential additional costs or delays due to limited availability.

Lesser-known Brand

Simonton isn't as widely recognized as some other window brands. This can be a disadvantage for some homeowners who prefer to trust in widely-known brands.

  • Some consumers may have limited awareness or trust in the Simonton brand.

Color Limitations

While Simonton does offer several color options for their windows, some consumers might find the options limited compared to other brands that provide a broader color spectrum or customized color choices.

  • The range of colors offered may not satisfy all homeowners' design preferences.
  • Customized color options are not available.


So, we've dug pretty deep on Simonton Windows, and there's certain stuff that really stands out. For starters, their window options are just spectacular. They've got a whole range of styles and sizes to fit any look or need. And not just that, the quality is first-rate. You're getting some good lasting durability with Simonton Windows. Plus, it helps that they're energy-efficient too. Imagine enjoying a cozy room without worrying about soaring bills or a harsh impact on the environment.

Secondly, the customer service side of Simonton Windows is pretty impressive. From the initial consultation to the final installation, the company holds your hand through every step. It's clear they value their relationship with their customers. And if issues do crop up, their warranty policies seem to cover quite a lot. That gives you some peace of mind, knowing you have reliable support when you need it.

Last but not least, let's give some credit to the overall aesthetic offered by Simonton Windows. The windows have a really great design element to them. Different frame colors and grille styles, combined with high-quality materials, give a high-end appeal to these windows. Basically, you'd be adding a touch of elegance to your home with Simonton Windows. To sum it up, if you're in need of some great windows with style, functionality, and excellent customer service, Simonton Windows checks all those boxes.

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