Unlocking the Secrets of the Blind Corner Cabinet


Unlocking the Secrets of the Blind Corner Cabinet

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If you have troublesome corners in your kitchen due to their inaccessible and unused spaces, then there's a solution that offers practicality and style - a blind corner cabinet. This unique cabinet design, initially aimed to address impractical corners, has now become a popular choice for homeowners seeking a storage solution that maximizes kitchen space.

Understanding the Basics of a Blind Corner Cabinet

What exactly is a blind corner cabinet? Simply put, it refers to a cabinet fitted into a corner space where one side is hidden or 'blind', which is usually a tricky spot for a regular cabinet. This unique design makes it possible to utilize often wasted corner spaces in your kitchen by providing an ingenious solution that married practicality with aesthetics.

Types of Blind Corner Cabinets

There are several types of blind corner cabinets, each designed to address different needs and preferences. Some of the common ones include:

  • Half-Moon Lazy Susan: They have a semi-circular shape that rotates out when the door is opened, giving you easy access to all your stored items.
  • Blind Base Cabinet: It resembles a standard base cabinet but with an extended rear depth to take advantage of the corner space.
  • Pull Out Cabinet: This type slides completely out of the cabinet, allowing easy access to all the stored items.
  • Diagonal Cabinet: The access is diagonal instead of head-on, making it easier to see and reach items.

Designing with Blind Corner Cabinets

Designing with blind corner cabinets requires tact and understanding of the kitchen layout. There is a wide variety of styles, materials and finishes that can match any kitchen design. From traditional to contemporary, blind corner cabinets can be incorporated seamlessly into your kitchen decor. You can have them custom-made to suit your individual needs and taste.

Practical Layout Planning

The layout and positioning of your blind corner cabinet is vital to ensure optimal use of space and accessibility. Professional kitchen designers often place these cabinets in areas where they can utilize the most space, such as at the corners of the U-shaped kitchen. Remember, the goal is to transform an awkward, unused space into a functional storage area.

Smart Storage Solutions

One of the major benefits of a blind corner cabinet is its storage capability. You can use organizers like tiered shelves, sliders or pull-out drawers for easier access to your stored items. The items you store in these cabinets should be those that you do not use on a regular basis due to the nature of its access.

Installation of Blind Corner Cabinets

Although installing a blind corner cabinet might seem intimidating at first, it can be a straightforward process with a little planning and the right tools. You may hire a professional to do the installation, or you can choose to take it as a DIY project if you have basic knowledge in cabinetry and home improvement.

Measurements and Planning

Before installing, it is essential to correctly measure the space to ensure the cabinet fits perfectly. This includes measuring the depth, width, and height of the corner, taking note of any potential obstructions. The correct measurements will help you select the right size of blind corner cabinet that will maximize your kitchen space.

The Installation Process

Start by marking the layout line of where the blind corner cabinet will be placed. Once the cabinet is assembled, position it along the layout line and make sure it's level. Secure it to the wall and adjoining cabinets using screws. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions during the installation process to ensure safety and accuracy.

While blind corner cabinets offer a smart solution to optimize your unused kitchen corner space, it's important to be mindful of the potential challenges it may present such as limited accessibility and visibility. Balance this by storing items that are not frequently used, and maximize efficiency with the appropriate cabinet organizers. Above all, consult a professional kitchen designer to help you achieve a well-organized, stylish and functional kitchen space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blind Corner Cabinets

Here are frequently asked questions about blind corner cabinets that can provide valuable insights on their design, installation, usage, and many more aspects.

What Makes Blind Corner Cabinets Unique?

Blind corner cabinets are unique because they provide extra storage space in the hidden or 'blind' corner of your kitchen or bathroom. These types of cabinets make the best use of potential dead space, thereby optimizing your overall storage capacity.

How Do I Access the Items in My Blind Corner Cabinet?

Various blind corner cabinet solutions are available to improve access to items stored in these areas. These include lazy susans, pull-out shelves, swing-out units, and magic corner cabinets. All of these solutions provide differing levels of accessibility, and your choice may depend on your specific needs, budget, and kitchen design.

Are Blind Corner Cabinets Hard to Install?

The difficulty of installing blind corner cabinets depends on your skill level and the specific type of solution you have chosen. Some types of blind corner cabinet solutions can be more complex and may require professional assistance for installation. That being said, with the right tools and instructions, many homeowners can successfully undertake this task as a DIY project.

Where Can I Buy a Blind Corner Cabinet?

Blind corner cabinets are commonly sold at home improvement stores and kitchen and bath showrooms. You can also find a variety of options online, from various retailers and cabinet manufacturers. Make sure to research thoroughly to find the best deal and to understand what is included with your purchase.

Do Blind Corner Cabinets Come in Different Sizes?

Yes, blind corner cabinets come in various sizes to suit different spaces. It's critical to measure your space accurately before purchasing a cabinet to ensure it will fit correctly. Be aware that where the door opens and the unit's depth and width all have to be considered in your measurements.

Can I Customize My Blind Corner Cabinet?

Certainly! Many manufacturers offer customization options for blind corner cabinets in terms of size, material, color, and style. This allows you to design a cabinet that seamlessly fits into your existing kitchen or bathroom decor while fulfilling your specific storage needs.

What Maintenance is Required for Blind Corner Cabinets?

Maintenance for blind corner cabinets is similar to any other type of cabinet. Regular dusting, wiping, and keeping the shelves clean will help maintain their appearance and longevity. If your blind corner cabinet has any mechanical parts, such as a Lazy Susan, occasional checks for any wear or damage will help ensure smooth operation over time.

What Kind of Hardware Works Best with Blind Corner Cabinets?

The best kind of hardware for your blind corner cabinet depends entirely on the style and function of your specific cabinet. However, high-quality door hinges and drawer glides are universally beneficial for easy access and long-term durability. In terms of design, choose hardware that complements the style of your kitchen or bathroom.

Pros and Cons of Blind Corner Cabinets

Pros of Blind Corner Cabinets

Optimal Utilization of Space

One significant advantage of blind corner cabinets is the optimized utilization of corner space. These cabinets slide into corners that would otherwise remain empty, providing:

  • Additional storage space
  • A cleaner and well-organized kitchen
  • Improved kitchen aesthetics

Personalized Design

Blind corner cabinets are available in a variety of designs, colors, and materials. Owners can:

  • Choose a design that suits their kitchen’s overall look
  • Select a color that matches their decor
  • Opt for a robust material that lasts longer

Enhanced Functionality

These specialized corner units enhance the functionality of your kitchen by:

  • Allowing easy access to items stored in the deep corners of the cabinet
  • Offering useful accessories like lazy susans, pull-out trays, and magic corners
  • Creating a smooth, seamless look with no unappealing gaps

Cons of Blind Corner Cabinets

Accessibility Issues

Although blind corner cabinets utilize corner space effectively, they may present certain limitations such as:

  • Difficulty accessing items stored deep within the cabinet
  • Needing to remove other items first to reach what’s at the back
  • Potentially wasting time and causing frustration during busy cooking periods

Installation Complexity

The installation of blind corner cabinets can be quite complex. Some of the challenges faced during installation include:

  • Difficulty in aligning them correctly
  • Potential need for professional installation, which can increase overall costs
  • Greater precision required as compared to standard cabinets

Cost Factor

The cost of blind corner cabinets can be higher than standard cabinets due to:

  • Increased labor costs due to the complexities of installation
  • Additional costs for special accessories to maximize the cabinet’s functionality
  • The need for customized design and cut to properly fit into the corner of the kitchen


In conclusion, while the blind corner cabinets provide optimal utilization of space, personalized design, and enhanced functionality, they do present challenges including accessibility issues, installation complexity, and potentially higher costs. Therefore, it's essential to weigh these aspects carefully while considering blind corner cabinets for your kitchen.


So, if you're battling with space in your kitchen, or just need that extra bit of storage, a blind corner cabinet might be what you need. It's a clever solution that turns hard-to-reach areas into practical, usable space. These cabinets aren't only functional, but they can also add a unique design element to your kitchen. Playing with the options of pull-out trays, Lazy Susans, or a simple shelved unit can make the blind corner cabinet work for your specific needs.

Choosing a blind corner cabinet gives you more convenience and accessibility in your kitchen environment. Simplicity blended with creativity will make your kitchen more pleasing and less cluttered. It's an excellent investment that adds value not just to your kitchen, but to your entire home. You apply the principle of maximizing every corner, even the blind spots, hence the term blind corner cabinet.

Remember the importance of making every space in your home functional. Even those tricky corner spots in your kitchen can serve a great purpose if utilized correctly. That's where the blind corner cabinet comes in, not only helping you keep things organized but also enhancing aesthetics. Whatever layout your kitchen is, there's likely a blind corner cabinet that will fit in perfectly, making your life easier in the process.

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